Megumi Shauna Arai: Moments of Fulfillment

Megumi Shauna Arai created an ensemble of folding screens inspired by shoji (Japanese room dividers), each representing the changing seasons. In this context, the function of dividers was not just to demarcate physical space, but to also acknowledge the ebbs and flows of existence throughout the year, and a foundation that has the depth to root us in a life with moments of fulfillment. 

Continuing from this theme, Moments of Fulfillment also celebrated the seasonality of botanical dyes and textiles. Each screen anchored four domestic scenes—i) Winter, ii) Spring, iii) Summer, and iv) Autumn—bringing the wonder of the natural world in unison with the interior scenes, also a core tenet of traditional Japanese architecture. 

Oct 28 - Nov 11, 2022
181 Mott Street, New York City