Andrew Tarlow: 5 Urns, 7 Faces. Pegasus 2

We are proud to present the first solo show of works on canvas by acclaimed New York City restaurateur and artist Andrew Tarlow.

Widely recognized for pioneering the artisanal food movement in Brooklyn with establishments including Marlow and Sons, Achilles Heel, Diner and Romans, Tarlow has created a fantasy world in his paintings where the Classical world collides with color and depth with punchy results.

The pieces—ranging from intimate sketches to large-scale canvas hangings—focus on Tarlow's curiosity for mythology, eating and drinking vessels, and human faces. TIWA Gallery's first show of works on canvas will sit in the gallery amongst its permanent collection of furniture and objets d'art.

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On view Feb 16—Mar 7, 2023
TIWA Gallery, 86 Walker Street, New York City NY-10013