Celebrating the blurred line between art and design, and the ever-evolving culture of craft, TIWA Select is a platform and gallery space engaging with artists and makers who share an affinity for the unexpectedness of the handmade. Largely self-taught with the ability to work with locally-sourced materials, collaborators draw on traditional practices in their craft — but always as an embodied interpretation of their time, environment, and culture. Their works are tethered to their personal stories, elevating everyday functional objects as artifacts of human experience.

To date, TIWA Select and has showcased exhibitions in New York City, London and Los Angeles, and collaborated with partners including Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery, Bruises Gallery, FARAGO, and Frieze.


TIWA Gallery

86 Walker Street, 5th Floor

New York City, NY-10013


By appointment Wednesday—Thursday

Public hours Friday—Saturday, 12–5pm

Design Store

Our online design store enables those further afield to learn the stories of the makers and to see (and purchase) the work that they do; for orders placed, please see our shipping, terms and conditions.


The Studio brings our vision to life, fostering a community motivated by the culture of craft. We work with our artists and partners through community activations, site-specific installations, interiors, and product design.