• Dana Arbib: Vetro Orto

    Dana Arbib: Vetro Orto

    TIWA Select is exhibiting a second show of works by glass artist Dana Arbib, who has created a unique series of lighting objects and vessels in Murano glass, on view at TIWA Gallery, the new permanent home for TIWA Select on Walker St, Tribeca.

    Vetro Orto literally translates from the Italian as “the glass vegetable garden,” with the pieces alluding to the shapes and forms found in gourds, brassicas, and root vegetables. The works continue to demonstrate Arbib's fascination with the complexities of patterns found in the natural world, mimicking fractals and logarithmic sequences that push the physical capabilities of glass in a spectacular fashion. 

    To provide the context to the works, TIWA Select has partnered with Alan Eckstein of Queens-based vintage design gallery The Somerset House, who will be displaying a range of pieces spanning a 200-year history alongside Dana’s works, including pieces by Alvar Aalto, Tucker Robbins, and a historic Biedermeier daybed.

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    Sept 20—Oct 13, Weds-Sat 12-5pm
    86 Walker Street, 5th Floor, New York City


  • Frieze: The North American Pavilion

    Frieze: The North American Pavilion

    From June 22 – 24, 2023, TIWA Select will be showing alongside an innovative group of galleries, all under five-years-old and hailing variously from New York City, Los Angeles, México City, Atlanta, and Montréal: Bruises Gallery, Emma Scully Gallery, Jacqueline Sullivan Gallery, NOON Projects, MARTA, OF THE CLOTH, and Studio IMA.

    The guiding principle behind the North American Pavilion is a celebration of the cultures existing side-by-side in the vast North American landmass; each gallery will occupy an entire room in the former townhouse-turned-exhibition space, with the simple brief to represent their unique North American perspective of curation and narrative.

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    June 22 - 24, 2023
    No. 9 Cork Street, London W1S 3LL

  • Megumi Shauna Arai: Moments of Fulfillment

    Megumi Shauna Arai: Moments of Fulfillment

    Megumi Shauna Arai created an ensemble of folding screens inspired by shoji (Japanese room dividers), each representing the changing seasons. In this context, the function of dividers was not just to demarcate physical space, but to also acknowledge the ebbs and flows of existence throughout the year, and a foundation that has the depth to root us in a life with moments of fulfillment. 

    Continuing from this theme, Moments of Fulfillment also celebrated the seasonality of botanical dyes and textiles. Each screen anchored four domestic scenes—i) Winter, ii) Spring, iii) Summer, and iv) Autumn—bringing the wonder of the natural world in unison with the interior scenes, also a core tenet of traditional Japanese architecture. 

    Oct 28 - Nov 11, 2022
    181 Mott Street, New York City


  • Vince Skelly: After the Storm

    Vince Skelly: After the Storm

    On Friday Jan 21, 2022, a severe wind storm hit Southern California, with gusts of over 83mph hitting Claremont, a small university town just outside of Los Angeles locally known as “The City of Trees.” During the six-hour event, over 300 trees were blown over. In both an effort to assist the city with the cleanup, and to preserve the legacy of the felled trees, Skelly drove around in the days following the storm and marked trees which had usable timber, which he gathered at his studio.

    The show featured an enticing array of pieces sculpted from six different wood types – deodar cedar, pine, redwood, live oak, eucalyptus and magnolia; varieties that were all new to Skelly. Ranging from the functional, like chairs, tables and benches, to the purely decorative, the collection provided Skelly with a unique opportunity to finesse his practice while still expressing the poignancy of the regrettable circumstances that the materials arose from in the first place. 

    July 2-13, 2022
    FARAGO x TIWA, Los Angeles

  • Dana Arbib: Vetro Alga

    Dana Arbib: Vetro Alga

    Having worked within several facets of design, self-taught Arbib pivoted to designing glassware, applying her multifaceted perspective to oversized vases and vessels glass pieces produced by master glass artisans in Murano. Each handmade piece united chapters in Arbib’s heritage. Her Libyan father fled Tripoli as a refugee in 1967, instilling Arbib with a romanticized portrait of a time when Jewish, Italian, and North African cultures existed symbiotically in one land. Her pivot to glassware itself is also part reconnecting with her three-times removed great uncle, Salvatore Arbib, a Libyan migrant-turned-glassblower owning a Furnace in Venice during the first quarter of the twentieth century.

    Vetro Alga literally translates from the Italian as “Seaweed Glass,” with the pieces alluding to the uniqueness of Venice being a city built on water. Colors and shapes found in Roman glass and North African relics are also used as sources of inspiration.

    May 13-18th, 2022
    Galerie Michael Bargo, New York City
  • FARAGO x TIWA Select: Everyday Rituals

    FARAGO x TIWA Select: Everyday Rituals

    An exhibition of sculptures, paintings, and utilitarian objects on view in tandem with the 2022 edition of Frieze Los Angeles. The show, co-curated by Max Farago of FARAGO and Alex Tieghi-Walker of Tiwa Select, celebrated talents with more unconventional practices and careers, including Jim McDowell, Andrée Singer Thompson, Peter Shire, Louis Mueller and E’Wao Kagoshima. The result was a pepto pink room filled with works that feel like glimpses into the imaginations, dreams and workings of magicians who may or may not have thought others would see their work. Above all, this was a show that celebrated the creative power of experience: all artists on view were aged 75 or over at the time of the show.

    March 18-April 22, 2022
    FARAGO x TIWA, Los Angeles

  • SIZED: The Boro Room

    SIZED: The Boro Room

    Born as a meditation on necessity, excess, and our relationship to the spaces we occupy, this two week exhibition in Los Angeles featured works from more than 60 artists and designers, curated around the potential of human touch. Articulating the centrality of human connection to the objects that surround us, Tiwa Select created an immersive and poetic space on the mezzanine of the space, showcasing textile works by Megumi Shauna Arai, and wooden furniture from Vince Skelly. 

    June 15-27, 2021

  • Object & Thing: At the Noyes House

    Object & Thing: At the Noyes House

    At The Noyes House, presented by the uptown galleries Blum & Poe, Mendes Wood DM, and Object & Thing, featured works by Jim McDowell and Megumi Shauna Arai. Their pieces were seamlessly curated, honoring the house’s original spirit which married architecture, design, and functional objects as a living, breathing monument to daily life lived through art. 

    September, 2020

  • Big Plates

    Big Plates

    An exhibition of of oversized platters, simply titled ‘Big Plates’, in honour of outdoor entertaining. Featuring the creative efforts of 13 artists on the Tiwa Select platform, ranging from designers Simone Bodmer-Turner and Minjae Kim to former editor Deborah Needleman, and presented in a barn upstate in New York, the plates ran the material gamut.

    Aug 5-7, 2021