Earth Landing Project: Constellation Club

Constellation Club is the first show by Stefan White in New York City. Working in the medium of resin, Stefan casts flexible arms and rigid shades in a kaleidoscopic palette with subtle nods to the colorscape of the natural and urban environments in his home town, Los Angeles. Experimenting with different casting techniques for the resin, some shades take on organic forms that look more like algae or moss, while others lean bold and kitsch. The conversation between the color, texture and form of each shade is exaggerated by the kinetic arms of the lights  that make the works feel like living sculptures.

In addition, Tieghi-Walker has invited two other artists also using recycled materials in unexpected ways to create works. Painter Daniel Evan Long has created evocative portraits in shades of greens, mustard and taupe on pieces of found cardboard; craftsman and designer Chris Rucker has contributed a series of patchwork quilts created from moving blankets, and chairs formed from packing crates, including a whimsical two-person conversation chair.

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Dec 1—21, 2023
TIWA Gallery, 86 Walker Street, New York City NY-10013