TIWA Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition of works by over twenty international artists from June 21 - July 20, 2024. Titled Coetir, the Welsh word for woodland, the show is a nod to TIWA Gallery founder Alex Tieghi-Walker’s heritage and upbringing in Wales, and his love of woodlands – which hold significant importance in Welsh folklore. Revered by ancient Celtic and Pagan culture and believed to be enchanted places where magical events and encounters occur, these woodlands have influenced local legends and stories passed down through generations. Tieghi-Walker’s curation will explore the textures, light and ambience that ancient woodlands evoke, paired with objects that touch on ritual and spirituality. 

Participating artists: A History of Frogs, Cinnamon Projects, Dana Arbib, Emily Frances Barnett, Skye Chamberlain, James Cherry, Field Studies Flora, Moch Hahn, Louie Isaaman-Jones, Leo Kaspar, Christabel MacGreevey, Lee Mary Manning, Jeff Martin, Jim McDowell, Eric Oglander, Rafael Prieto and Loup Sarion, Andrew Pierce Scott, Vince Skelly, The Perfect Nothing Catalog, Alex Tieghi-Walker and Hsien Hua Li, Stefan White / Earth Landing Project, Zachary White, and Max Zinser

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On view June 21—July 20, 2024
TIWA Gallery, 86 Walker Street, New York City NY-10013