Dana Arbib: Vetro Orto

TIWA Select presented its second show of works by glass artist Dana Arbib, who has created a unique series of lighting objects and vessels in Murano glass, on view at TIWA Gallery, the new permanent home for TIWA Select on Walker St, Tribeca.

Vetro Orto literally translates from the Italian as “the glass vegetable garden,” with the pieces alluding to the shapes and forms found in gourds, brassicas, and root vegetables. The works continue to demonstrate Arbib's fascination with the complexities of patterns found in the natural world, mimicking fractals and logarithmic sequences that push the physical capabilities of glass in a spectacular fashion. 

To provide the context to the works, TIWA Select has partnered with Alan Eckstein of Queens-based vintage design gallery The Somerset House, who will be displaying a range of pieces spanning a 200-year history alongside Dana’s works, including pieces by Alvar Aalto, Tucker Robbins, and a historic Biedermeier daybed.

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Sept 20—Oct 13, 2023
TIWA Gallery