FARAGO x TIWA Select: Everyday Rituals

An exhibition of sculptures, paintings, and utilitarian objects on view in tandem with the 2022 edition of Frieze Los Angeles. The show, co-curated by Max Farago of FARAGO and Alex Tieghi-Walker of Tiwa Select, celebrated talents with more unconventional practices and careers, including Jim McDowell, Andrée Singer Thompson, Peter Shire, Louis Mueller and E’Wao Kagoshima. The result was a pepto pink room filled with works that feel like glimpses into the imaginations, dreams and workings of magicians who may or may not have thought others would see their work. Above all, this was a show that celebrated the creative power of experience: all artists on view were aged 75 or over at the time of the show.

March 18-April 22, 2022
FARAGO x TIWA, Los Angeles